Embarking on a kitchen or bath design journey can be daunting. It’s difficult to even know where to start. Should you seek out local contractors and start getting bids for labor? Perhaps browse the isles of your local big box store for materials? Over the years, I have seen a lot of people come to me confused and frustrated after taking both of those routes.

So what is the first step you should take when considering a kitchen or bath remodel? Talk to a designer. Why? I’ll tell you!

Here are my top 3 reasons you should start your remodel with a designer.

 1. A designer’s #1 goal is to solve your problem

Most homeowners enter into a remodel to solve a problem. Perhaps their space is too small. Maybe it doesn’t have enough storage, or suffers from a poor traffic pattern. Solving these problems is what designers live for.

At the start of your remodel, your designer should meet with you (preferably in your home) to discuss your problem areas, pain points, wants, and needs. At that meeting they will also likely take in depth dimensions of your space and may even want to take photos or do a video walk-through.

From there, they will start to work on custom solutions tailored specifically to meet your needs. Are you left handed or right handed? Short or tall? How do you use the space? How do you want to use it differently?

Keep in mind, at this point, though they may have been discussed, materials finishes are often not a large part of this initial design. The intention is to come up with a comprehensive solution to your problem. Once a good working design is in place, you can move onto the material selection part of your design.

Which brings us to our next reason to start your project with a designer.

2. A designer will make product suggestions based on your needs – not what is available

One of the most popular first steps to a kitchen or bath design is to start shopping for materials at local cabinet companies, tile showrooms or big box stores. While these can be great places to get inspiration from, it’s not a good first step.

Why? Because retail locations are limited to their own product offerings. For instance, if you work with a local cabinet company who offers a cabinet design service, you will be limited to purchasing the cabinet lines that they provide. And those cabinet lines may or may not offer the solutions that are right for you.

Your designer should be familiar with a number of product lines and local vendors. After coming up with the design plan, he or she will be able to help direct you towards products and people in their network that meet your needs. Your solution may involve a specific type of product or a contractor who has a particular skill and your designer will be able to guide you towards the right fit.

You might be thinking that starting your design with a solution created specifically to address your needs and being matched with the right products and services to execute that design are both good enough reasons to start your remodeling journey with a designer. In case you’re not convinced, here is my third reason.

3. Starting your remodel with a designer will save you time, frustration and money

Working with a designer means working with a person who sole focus is meeting your needs. The needs of your space, your calendar and your wallet. Designers can let you know when your goals are realistic and offer alternative solutions when certain options are cost prohibitive. They can come up with realistic timelines based on current product lead times and contractor availability. Designers form relationships with vendors and contractors and know how to put you in touch with the very best people offering top notch customer service. All this adds up to happy clients!

So that’s it. My list of the top 3 reasons you should start your remodel with a designer. In my next post, I will cover what steps you can take prior to your initial design appointment to ensure a productive first meeting.

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